Top 10 best restaurants in Italy to dine with your soulmate

Italian cuisine is one of the tastiest in the world. The culinary specialties of the boot are distinguished by their composition of fresh and very varied ingredients and by the use of the best products of the Italian soil. Several restaurants, distributed in the largest cities of Italy, offer a menu well supplied with typical dishes. Here are the ten best restaurants in Italy to discover and appreciate Italian flavors. The best restaurants in Italy to appreciate international Italian cuisine and one of the best examples of culinary innovation

The 10 Best Restaurants in Italy


best restaurants in Italy

Located in the heart of Rome, on Borgo Pio street, near the Sant’Anna church, Rione XIV Bistrot is a small family-run establishment with only five tables. The bistro, one of the best places to eat in Rome, serves traditional homemade dishes in the purest Italian tradition. The card is well supplied, and the prices are very reasonable. Guests can taste the most delicious Italian specialties, accompanied by a large glass of generous wine. One of the best restaurants in Italy and perfect for a getaway to Rome!


best restaurants in Italy
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The La Pergola restaurant is distinguished by its refined cuisine, enhanced with an exquisite touch of creativity. The chef has not finished sublimating local products and revisiting the greatest classics. The dishes are tasted during a dinner in a friendly and authentic setting, in front of a panoramic view of Rome to admire from the heights of the roof terrace of the Rome Cavalieri hotel. Its many assets have earned La Pergola three stars in the Michelin guideImportant note for gourmets: the restaurant serves only by reservation.


best restaurants in Italy
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The Vun Andrea Aprea restaurant is the best place to discover and savor true Milanese cuisine, through typical and gastronomic dishes, prepared to perfection by a talented chef. The establishment also stands out for the quality and diversity of its wine list and its modern and warm setting. Vun Andrea Aprea is one of the best restaurants in Italy and an ideal place to dine in complete privacy, right in the heart of Milan.


best restaurants in Italy
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Being very discreet next to the romantic restaurants of Florence, Panini Toscani offers a completely different atmosphere no less authentic. The followers of panini are warmly welcomed back to a big old door in a building located on the famous Piazza del Duomo. Everyone is invited to compose their Tuscan sandwich by choosing from the many local products presented in the window. The establishment suggests a wide choice of cold meats, cheeses, vegetables, spices, and loaves of bread to please all taste buds spending a weekend in Florence.


best restaurants in Italy
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Brigante Trattoria is in the list of best restaurants in Italy. It is an unmissable address when visiting the historic center of Monopoli. The restaurant offers Mediterranean dishes consisting mainly of seafood and in different particular varieties of freshly caught fish closeby. Every day, the owners and the chef of Brigante Trattoria are busy selecting the best ingredients on the market to satisfy their guests.


best restaurants in Italy
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Marvelously located on the heights of the town of Cannobio, the Ristorante Grotto Sant’Anna serves typical Mediterranean dishes. The cuisine is renowned for being classic but tasty. The setting is authentic and friendly. The well-shaded terrace is a true haven of peace and a place of relaxation par excellence at the end of a hike in the cliffs which overlook Lake Maggiore. This restaurant enjoys a privileged location at the foot of a charming waterfall and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. A must-try during a stay in the superb Italian lakes region!


best restaurants in Italy
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The restaurant Da Donato dal 1956 Antica Trattoria e Pizzeria is a must in Naples, especially for lovers of good Neapolitan dishes and for those who wish to discover the true culinary tradition of the region. The hotel is located near the train station, in a fairly lively area. The atmosphere is completely different as soon as you walk in the door. The decor is authentic, and the welcome is like the brand: family and warm. The team serves fresh and tasty Neapolitan dishes, passionately prepared by the owners.


best restaurants in Italy
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Classified in the Michelin guide, the Da Vicenzo restaurant is distinguished by the variety and freshness of the dishes served. The family establishment does not have a fixed card. The menus change according to the peaches of the day and the products available on the local market. The cuisine is faithful to the traditions of yesteryear, and the wine list also surprises with its quality and diversity.


best restaurants in Italy
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The Belvedere restaurant is located on the slopes of Mount Torello, in the municipality of Ravello, an emblematic village to visit during a stay in Campania. The establishment is recognized for its refined cuisine, its elegant setting, its selection of high-quality wines, and its qualified and very discreet staff. The place is ideal to meet calmly as a couple or family. The terrace is arranged like a pretty flowered garden and offers a breathtaking view of the Amalfi Coast. 


best restaurants in Italy
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The Duomo restaurant, classified two stars in the Michelin guide, offers Sicilian dishes made of fish, seafood, and local quality products. The presentation of the dishes is up to the flavors: delicate and wonderfully worked. The restaurant team is attentive without being intrusive. It is among the best restaurants in Italy. Duomo is one of the unmissable places for a stay or a visit to Sicily.

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Italy Famous Restaurants

Italian restaurants in Tuscany. Thanks to the mountains as well as the sea, the region enjoys an abundance of food products and natural ingredients. You can savor the best regional specialties in the best gourmet bistros and family restaurants.

Here are some suggestions for some of the best restaurants in Italy.

Enoteca Pinchiorri

The Enoteca Pinchiorri, located in Florence, offers the best of Italian gastronomy in Tuscany. It is a unique restaurant managed by George Pinchiorri and Annie Feolde, whose tastes in Italian and French gastronomy are second to none. It is the only Tuscan restaurant to have 3 Michelin stars.


The Bracali restaurant is located in Ghirlanda (GR), Via di Perolla. Star rated by the Michelin Guide, this restaurant with sophisticated and innovative cuisine is an ideal place to dine while tasting the best wine in Italy.

Da Caino restaurant

The Caino is located in Via Della Chiesa in Manciano (GR). Opened in 1971 by Angela and Cariso, it is now one of the most famous restaurants in Italy, with two stars in the Michelin Guide. The dishes prepared by chef Valeria are unforgettable.


Located in Colle di Val d’Elsa, the Arnolfo restaurant is surrounded by the splendid Tuscan hillsides. It offers traditional Italian cuisine prepared in the kitchens of Chef Gaetano Trovato, which has enabled the restaurant to obtain two stars in the Michelin Guide. The Arnolfo wine list is also quite impressive.

Trattoria Toscana

La Trattoria Toscana, located in Tuscany, is a spacious restaurant that offers authentic Italian cuisine served on clay plates and terracotta bowls. It is one of the best restaurants in Italy. The restaurant belongs to the famous French chef Alain Ducasse and has already been awarded a star in the Michelin guide. It is a large restaurant that can accommodate up to 100 people.

Il Palagio

Located in the magical city of Florence, Il Palagio is a Michelin-starred restaurant thanks to the work of chef Vito Mollica and his team. It’s a great place to dine with locals and sample the best of local cuisine, with an extensive wine list of over 400 exceptional wines. It is indeed one of the fancy restaurants int Italy.

Ora d’Aria restaurant

Ora d’Aria means Air Hour. This is the state of mind that reigns in the Italian restaurant Ora d’Aria, where we pay special attention to each customer. The restaurant aims to marry the integrity, depth, and quality of Italian cuisine with a faith in its constant evolution. The restaurant was awarded a star in the Michelin Guide in 2011, thanks to the work of chef Marco Stabile.   

La Tenda Rossa restaurant

Located in Cerbaia Val di Pesa, in the province of Florence, La Tenda Rossa is a family restaurant that offers a wide variety of premium Tuscan dishes, depending on the season and culinary tastes. It is also a great place to enjoy vegetarian dishes. Classic taste, calm, and serenity are the watchwords of this restaurant, which has a Michelin star.

Osteria di Passignano

Founded in 2000 by Allegra Antinori and Marco Crini, the Osteria di Passignano is a Florentine restaurant famous for the passion it dedicates to the best of Italian gastronomy and wines. On the menu, traditional Tuscan recipes revisited by the imagination of talented young chefs who test new marriages and select the best raw materials. One of the most popular wines on its menu is Chianti Classico.

Ristorante Butterfly

It is a beautiful restaurant created on a renovated farm in Lucca, Italy. It offers creative cuisine closely linked to the region, with traditional and authentic flavors, which has earned it a Michelin star. In its beautiful dining rooms, the best Tuscan dishes are served for all occasions.

Roman restaurant

Located in Viareggio, in Tuscany, Ristorante Romano is famous for its delicacies made from seafood. It is an upscale restaurant that offers exceptional dishes, especially made from fish from the Tyrrhenian high seas. Its cuisine, the fruit of a mixture of traditional and modern dishes, offers the best aromas and flavors of Versilia.

Ristorante Atman

Located in Pescia (PT), the Atman restaurant offers the best of Italian cuisine, concocted in the kitchens of chef Igles Corelli. He selects the best Italian products, regardless of their country of origin, from north to south of Italy. The Atman offers dishes based on seafood, beef, and pork with incomparable finesse, which have earned it a Michelin star.

La Bottega del 30

This restaurant in Castelnuovo Berardenga, in Tuscany, has a Michelin star and serves Italian and French specialties. You absolutely must taste the dishes and desserts prepared by chefs Hélène and Nadia, just as exceptional as the wine and the service.

Albergaccio di Castellina restaurant

The Albergaccio di Castellina is located in Via Fiorentina in Chianti (SI). This restaurant is located in what used to be a typical Tuscan neighborhood and offers delicious Italian dishes, while the wine cellar offers a selection of the best white and red wines in the area. He has a star in the Michelin Guide.

Walter Redaelli restaurant

Walter Redaelli’s restaurant is located near the historic center of Bettolle. Its seasonal dishes, created by chef Walter Redaelli and his collaborators, are made from the best aromatic herbs, the best olive oil, and the best pecorino.


Italy is a country where gastronomy is tremendously important. Its cuisine and a large majority of its dishes are internationally known, being constantly reinterpreted. Its restaurants offer the best sample of this own culinary, so ancestral, particular and rich. The few places highlighted above are the best restaurants in Italy to taste the best pasta dishes, the best artisanal pizzas, and the best creative cuisine today. Inspired to a great extent in the gastronomy of all its regions and the diversity that centuries and centuries of history has given it.

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