The Top 15 Best Fashion and Styling Tips for Curvy Women

Wide hips are very common among women. Some of them have a much wider hip structure than other parts of the body, giving full attention to this part of the body. With the garments we choose and the fabrics we wear, we can hide them cleverly. Now, here we are going to give you The Top Best Fashion and Styling Tips for Curvy Women.

The Top 15 Best Fashion and Styling Tips for Curvy Women 1
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Fashion Tips for Curvy Women


When choosing a skirt, forget about lycra and fabrics that are too close to the body. The skirts tube or straight cut and always at the waist will highlight your figure, stylizing your body and, of course, concealing your wide hips. Ruffles and flouncy skirts will do just the opposite. The dark tones and the small prints will be the ones that favor curvy women the most.

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Lines and shapes

For your first impression to have a long-lasting effect, you’ll be needing catchy shapes and liners. One sure way, you can do this is to use tops and bottoms that have the same color. For instance, it could be a red blazer and trouser combines with a black top made of silk. This would result in an unbroken, uninterrupted line that would give curvy women the illusion of a taller and leaner appearance and, by so doing, divert attention from their waists.

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The Rule of Hems

Hems can contribute a great deal to elongating your body frame. So, for example, a knee-length skirt should stop just below the knee, never extending to the calf. The hem of your jeans should reach your ankle and go past it, if necessary, by just an inch or two. If you don’t have an average height, consider buying clothes like pants from retailers who provide length options. Having options ranging from tall to short is important because interior seams and hems are designed accordingly. Getting hems perfectly is tough, actually, so you should contact a skilled tailor for this. It is really a good fashion tip for curvy women.

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Wear belts

Some will say it is counterproductive, but it is only when the wrong belt is worn. The black or colored belts that match the chosen look (yes, they must be thin) are ideal to accentuate the curves of curvy women. When added to a wrap dress with bow, the effect of sharpening the waist is much greater.

Avoid Over-sized outfits

According to Alexandra Shulman, former British Vogue editor, oversized outfits only suit beanpoles. If you’re a curvy woman, don’t go for oversized outfits as they will only add volume to your appearance. Rather than that, select clothes that shape and are body-skimming, not tight. You can don a maxi or kaftan that skims your curves. These often have some definition around the waist. But never go for the likes of a giant T-shirt. If you would like an easy silhouette, you must be smart when it comes to pairing. Pairing loose tunics or shorts would work out fine on curvy women.

Be mindful of Shoes

Your physique is a head-to-toe thing, so what you put on your feet matters also. Whether you don a pair of pants or a shirt, low heels and pointing tips can help to make your frame look slender. Curvy women with shorter legs can use a low vamp whenever they want to rock heels. But rather than using a vamp that only goes halfway up your foot, look for one that ends atop your toes.

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Your accessories

For curvy women with short necks, long chains will not only extend the bust but will also enhance it with vertical lines. Always have them among your favorite metals, whether silver or gold. Don’t you like jewelry? Well, a long scarf around the neck will give the same illusion. You can additionally illuminate your face with beautiful earrings. When it comes to bags, go for something between large and medium and do not hang them over the shoulder so as not to accentuate your hips. Instead, carry them with your arms. A good tip for curvy women while choosing the accessories for themselves.


As far as pants are concerned, forget about fashions, the best pants for your body are those of a straight cut since skinny or oxford narrow pants will highlight your hips even more. Also, don’t make pants with a low waist. They will only highlight your hips. You better go for pants with a mid or high waist.

Choose pants that are not thick fabric, and of course, the dark colors such as dark blue or black are the ones that will most disguise your wide hips. Lighter colors are also good and you can give it a try which suits you the best. Jeans with high waists should always be part of curvy women’s wardrobe. They end at the slimmest part of your waist and help to tuck away folds, flaps, and also minimize muffin tops.

Contour Power

Your make-up must work too. You can create the illusion of a smaller nose and sharper cheekbones using affordable contour kits. Light and shadows are basic tricks in the fashion world. Choose a cream or powder shade darker than your skin by about two shades, then hollow out the sides of your nose and cheeks.

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Pony Trick

As for your hair, bringing out a bone structure is everything you need to do. Pull your hair away from your face in the form of a high and softly teased ponytail. This tip will enhance the style of curvy women.

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When you buy, please try different sizes

The sizes are just a number. We know that a size 14 is not the same everywhere. All stores handle different cuts, so do not be afraid to try different sizes and buy the one that makes you feel most comfortable. This includes trying on a smaller size from time to time.

When you don’t know what to wear, wear a loose-fitting dress

The tight dresses of the upper part of your body and loose from the waist are very flattering for you since they fit and hide your tummy a little. If one day you do not know what to wear, this dress cut will be your best ally. One of the clever fashion tips for curvy women.

Become friends with crop tops

Maybe you don’t like showing your stomach, but you have nothing to be ashamed of. Crop tops can be very flattering on curvy bodies and will show how sexy a body with curves can be. You must also note that the blouses you wear underneath sweaters try to help you stylize your figure instead of damaging it. Avoid cotton blouses at all costs and look for them to be made of stretch fabric, thick straps, and a square neck.

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Invest in underpants

Many times, underpants can help you stylize your figure a little more. Find complete garments that favor and help you wear your clothes. There is nothing worse than having the right outfit and the wrong underpants.


Do not wear short jackets, you will only highlight your flaws. Ideally, they should be loose at the hips.

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