MOODmatcher Lipstick Reviews – Should You Buy It?

So, to make it clear, this article is for all lipstick lovers out there and you have most probably landed on this page for MOODmatcher lipstick reviews. Lipstick is one of the most important ornaments of a woman. Women apply lipstick to make their lips look more beautiful. 

Whether you are going on a date, a party, or any general family function, lipstick is always considered important. Yeah! The color which you want to wear on your lips may vary according to the occasion of your choice but lipstick always remains important.

moodmatcher lipstick reviews
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Here, we will talk about a different kind of lipstick that changes color depending on your skin tone. It seems interesting. Isn’t it?

Let’s find out in this post if these innovative lipsticks are worth a buy or not?

About the MOODmatcher brand

MOODmatcher is a brand of Fran Wilson. Fran launched her first-ever self-named brand “Fran Wilson” in 1985. Later the company launched this new brand named MOODmatcher

How many MOODmatcher lipstick shades are there?

As of now, the company says that there are 16 Hi-definition shades available to buy. They all are:

  • MOODmatcher GREEN
  • MOODmatcher RED
  • MOODmatcher ORANGE
  • MOODmatcher PINK
  • MOODmatcher BLACK
  • MOODmatcher MAGENTA
  • MOODmatcher BROWN
  • MOODmatcher YELLOW
  • MOODmatcher DARK BLUE
  • MOODmatcher LIGHT BLUE
  • MOODmatcher PURPLE
  • MOODmatcher WHITE
  • MOODmatcher LAVENDER
  • MOODmatcher 24kGOLD
  • MOODmatcher RUBY
  • MOODmatcher PLATINUM

MOODmatcher Lipstick Reviews

MOODmatcher lipsticks have been fairly accepted by customers and have decent reviews and ratings on online shopping websites. 

Its Twist Stick (a different product for lips) is more popular than the lipsticks. 

MOODmatcher lipsticks’ online reviews

This is what some of its customers said about this brand on shopping website:

  • Amazing lipstick. Using it for a very long, since I found out it’s staying power. And beautiful color, that on every person different shade of red. Very moisturizing as well. – RINA
  • Soft and creamy and lasts! – MARY SMITH
  • Amazing! Stays at least 12 hours! Beautiful color! So happy I bought 3 – LISA SPOHN

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We are sure, you will love it!

What do we say about MOODmatcher lipsticks?

MOODmatcher Lipstick is smudge-proof, mask-proof, and transfer-proof as it is the company claims. Mask proof means that the color will stay as it is on your lips even if you are wearing a mask on your face. That’s nice!

MOODmatcher Lipstick Reviews - Should You Buy It? 1

Our experts tested all three and found that the company’s claims are valid and they stick to their promise of smudge-proof, mask-proof, and transfer-proof lipstick.

MOODmatcher lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

The company also claims that your lips stay hydrated for 12 hours because lipsticks are enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. This is nice for those who do suffer from dry lips during winter.

Lipstick color life and color-changing effect

These are 12-hour long-wear lipsticks as the color stays for 12 hours after you apply it on your lips.

Its long wear life is good when you just hate to carry a bunch of lipsticks with you and you have one more advantage as you don’t require regular touch up to your lips throughout the day.

moodmatcher lipstick reviews
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The main charm of MOODmatcher lipsticks is that they change color depending on your skin tone. That’s cool!

Cruelty-free lipsticks

The company claims that all their lipsticks are cruel free as they mention this on the product package too. That means no animal is harmed during the production and manufacturing of these.


MOODmatchers lipstick comes in a little box. The container of lipstick is made of plastic which is normal as most of the brands launch their products in much similar packaging. These look cute that you cannot wait to add them to your makeup collection.

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We are sure, you will love it!


Now, we will not do the same in the end as most of the reviewers do. They tell the conclusion so diplomatically that you will be confused whether you should go for it or not. Their reviews will show the 50:50 aspect.

But we will suggest that you should use the MOODmatcher lipstick once. Give it a shot because when you will not use it by yourself you are not able to understand the company’s promises and feelings that they are offering.

In our opinion, you should go for it as these are one of the best lipstick brands and more importantly the MOODmatcher lipsticks fit anybody’s budget.

That was our MOODmatcher Lipstick review. Hope you like it!

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