10 Best Rules for Gift Giving

Gift giving is a kind of art as an ideal gift can cause a person’s morale to rise or improve a person’s relationship. It can fix atone for mistakes or simply remind those we love of how much we care about them. Psychologists have always been amazed at the art of gift giving, because it is a window to many important human features, in terms of how we see others, our decision-making skills, and our ability to empathize and give value to things. Gift giving on occasions such as birthdays, graduations, holidays or weddings, etc. is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships with others.

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Gift giving is also a profitable business: last year in the United States, for example, consumers are estimated to have spent $942 on Christmas gifts, up from $ 885 in 2018. A study found that gift giving and spending money on others promotes a sense of happiness, as the good feelings that you experience as a result of giving a love gift to a person may last for a more extended time than spending money on ourselves. But in any case, gift giving is a social gesture that requires careful thinking. So, we will go on now to learn a set of rules that must be considered when deciding on the perfect gift for whoever it is you wish to appreciate.

Rules for Gift Giving

Setting your budget

It is perfectly understandable for you to opt to give only items that fit your budget. After all, you can only give what you have, not what you don’t have. Your budget for gift giving, to a large extent, depends on factors such as the amount you have, the number of recipients or beneficiaries, and the type of event that is held as well as how important it is for the recipient. In as much as you should do gift giving generously and it is also important that it is done in a realistic way.

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So, do not feel bad about not being able to afford extravagant gift items that others might be handing out with ease. When you set a budget, you can more easily identify the type of gift you have to buy. But in any case, budgeting for gift giving is not an excuse to be stingy. Go for the best you can afford, keeping in mind that a modest item chosen carefully will be more appreciated in the long run than an expensive item that will need frequent updating.

Respect the recipient’s tastes

Before buying anything, consider the style of your friend or family member to whom you are going to gift. Look at the things they love and love to buy. What their favorite colors are? The brands they prefer. Their likes and dislikes. If you are well acquainted with them, buying a gift should not be a big deal. If you don’t know them well enough, be sure to make inquiries from those who do know them.

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Many people forget that the basic rule of gift giving is to satisfy the tastes of the people they are intended for, not ours. And here, problems can arise. If we do not know our friend’s preferences very well, in that case, relatives or intimates can be asked about their concerns. If this is not possible, there are always eclectic gifts that everyone likes. The world of gastronomy is full of good wines, hams, olive oil, cheese, chocolates. Books are also a safe bet, as well as household items that we all use as breakfast cups or decorative objects.

When, how, and where?

Another aspect of the art of gift giving is to be carefully considered in the context in which the gift will be received. Will the person be alone, surrounded by friends, or at a family event? If we plan to give our partner a harness along with a BDSM starter kit, it is better to leave it for an intimate moment and not at Christmas dinner with their parents ?. Gift giving should be appropriate. Give the right item to the right person and at the right time and manner.

Don’t give items which are too practical, especially at Christmas

There is never a lack of supporters of practical gifts, of playing it safe, of buying things that we know with certainty that they will be used. The list is long: toilet paper, tweezers, toothpaste, wool socks for the winter, towels, diapers for the baby, ironing boards, kitchen robots, undershirt, etc (which someone has once given some of you).

It is highly appreciated that people provide us with the necessary supplies for the day-to-day, but that function is very far from that for the Christmas gift, something more like materializing the affection you have for someone once a year. Do you really think that could translate into a new fryer or a device to get the balls out of the jerseys?

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Practical gift giving entails offering an item the person needs yet would not easily buy themselves, probably because they consider it extravagant and thus unaffordable. In this case, the one who gives away becomes a kind of Genie that fulfills wishes. The very, very wealthy, who have and are allowed to buy everything, can be given, for example, a simple bar of neutral soap, while being given a Zen lesson in simplicity.

Give away experiences, not things

The idea of ​​making the art of gift giving revolve around experiences instead of material things, which are added to the mountain of gadgets that we accumulate in our homes, is getting stronger. The real value of gifts is in what they can convey and the ability to enjoy them. Any object fulfills a useful function, but a great gift is accompanied by an extra story, feeling, or emotion that makes it even more special.

Make personalized gifts, with significant or peculiar details that can elevate your category of object to experience. Travel lovers have it easy because a destination or weekend gateway is always well received, especially if the surprise remains until the end, the arrival at the airport or house. You can give your partner your time for everyday activities such as hiking or picnics.

Avoid surprises

Contrary to what many believe about gift giving, the golden rule when choosing a gift is not in how wonderful it will be to watch the person tear the envelope and give a cry of euphoria, but in its subsequent use. Unless you want to risk it, avoid surprises, and improvise on what you will give away and focus on the wishes of the other person.

If there is a list, stick to it. Someone who loves rock will be happy with a unique edition album. Still, he will not show too much surprise if you give away a pop album, the surprise will be as unpleasant for him as it is for you.

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We are sure, you will love it!

Simplicity above all

Many have the perception that the more expensive the gift is, the more it will be appreciated. According to a 2009 study by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, some believe that the more the money invested in gift giving, the more the gift will be appreciated. Still, in reality, the cost does not matter to the recipient.

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So instead of going for something expensive and ordinary, think about what you have in common with that person and base your gift on that. It can even be comical! Unless a specific item has been ordered, a lot of money won’t be able to compete with something that has a great deal of significance to the receiver. Instead of worrying about money, think about the person.

Don’t get excited about the wrapper

This may sound counterintuitive, but are gifts wrapped with bold colored paper, bows, and other festive decorations not the best choice? If you decide on a magnificent wrapper you run the risk of shading the true gift. According to research, a very fancy wrap grows gift expectations. On the other hand, if you are looking for a wrap that is not pretentious, opening the gift will be a surprise. Plus, all the work and spending on the wrap will be ripped to shreds in seconds (just like your money).

Avoid giving self-improvement gifts

In as much as gift giving is about items people need, your being the one to acquire it for them could tantamount to an offense. Imagine gifting a deodorant to a colleague who has been rumored to have mouth or body odor? The person would most likely interpret your offer as an insult. So, sensitivity matters a great deal as far as gift giving is concerned.

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Avoid giving self-improvement, especially to people who are not very familiar with you. Self-improvement items include weight-loss materials, books that contradict the recipient’s beliefs, a daily planner for consistent latecomers, etc.

Don’t expect anything in return

As earlier explained, gift giving is about another person, not you. So, don’t give with the expectation of getting back what you have given in cash or kind. And even if your gesture of charity is reciprocated, do not compare what you receive with what you must have given. There are a number of reasons why the value of gifts one receives will most likely differ from that of gifts one gave. One is the fact that people are not the same and also the fact that our economic strengths vary.

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Gift giving is basically borne of genuine charity. Hence, you need to give the best you can afford. There are so many tangible options you can choose from to express your love or appreciation, so don’t settle for the results of aimless store wandering. Be sure you give your loved ones meaningful gifts they deserve. Comment down below and let us know how do you decide before giving a gift to someone.

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