Top 10 Best Handles on TikTok for Kids

TikTok is a video application that allows you to film yourself by doing a lot of things: playback by adding a song to your video, dancing, small humorous sketches, tutorials, or simply mini vlogs. There are many creators on this platform who make videos on TikTok for kids.

You can then add a whole bunch of effects to your video to make unique clips and create your own style. You have to be ingenious since the videos are short: around 15 seconds.

And of course, you can share your creations on other social networks like Facebook, for example.

Most of the videos shared on TikTok are innocent and fun to watch. It is simply an ideal platform to let your creativity speak. That is probably why Tiktok is so successful.

A lot of adults have never heard of TikTok or how it works, but be sure your kids know all the tricks of this app—worried about the kind of content popping up in your child’s Tiktok feed?

Well, you can control that by making sure they follow only children-friendly Tiktok creators such as the following ten.

Top 10 Best Handles on TikTok for Kids 11
Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

Top 10 Handles on Tiktok for Kids

Jiff Pom (@JiffPom)

Top 10 Best Handles on TikTok for Kids 12Jiff is a Pomeranian dog who is a sensational actor and a part of Tiktok for kids.  Katty Perry featured him in her song titled Dark Horse, which had over 2 billion YouTube views.

Disney also had him star in Bizaardvark. Adventures of Bailey: A night of crown adds to his silver screen credits. Before his social media popularity hike, Jiff made the Guinness world record for the fastest five-meter run on front paws and ten-meter run on hind legs.

He is a funny and fluffy Tiktoker with massive followership comprising of not just kids, but people of all ages and countries.

Cash Baker (@cash.baker)

Cash Baker is a younger brother if Tiktok superstar, Maverick, though he is a bit younger. Both of them are artists in the music industry.

Cash Baker and his brother shot to the spotlight at 16 when he and his brother released a record titled ‘The Way You Move. The piece trended on Tiktok, earning them came and thousands of new followers, many of whom were kids.

The bakers have a stunning fanbase of comprising of 29.8 million Tiktok followers. Their commitment to the production of sensational music qualifies them as part of the Tiktok for kids category.

Top 10 Best Handles on TikTok for Kids 13Romeo Beckham (@romebo07)

Romeo is the son of a renowned English player, David Beckham.  Thanks to his mom, Romeo is getting so much fame on Tiktok.

In November 2019, Romeo and his mom won hearts when a video of them grooving to the Spice Girls hit “Spice Up Your Life” trended on Tiktok.

Romeo’s mom was unaware that the video clip, which she merely considered as a bonding moment with her son, had shot up his followership on Tiktok.

Romeo’s page remains one of the safe spaces on Titok for kids.

Jaya Harper (@JayaHarper)

Jaya is Laura Dern’s teenage daughter, who happens to be another darling on Tiktok. Jaya is popularly known for mastery of a ton of viral challenges.

On one occasion, her mom accidentally interrupted her performance of Doja Cat’s “Say so.” The skit boosted her followers by 14, 000.

Ariel Rebecca (@babyariel)

Top 10 Best Handles on TikTok for Kids 14Ariel’s page is yet another page that qualifies to be considered as a part of the Tiktok for kids category.

She had a massive fanbase comprising of 30.2 million followers on most social media sites, including Tiktok. Ariel’s career as a social media influencer began in 2015.

On Tiktok, she is known for leading the #ArielMovement. This anti-bullying campaign recorded a huge success on the platform.

She also launched an anti-trolling campaign to further rail against online negativity. Ariel’s positive contribution to online interaction was confirmed when Forbes named her among top entertainment influencers.

Joelle Joanie (@itsjojosiva)

Top 10 Best Handles on TikTok for Kids 15Jojo is an American social media star and dancer. She became popular with her participation in Dance Mom’s reality show with her mother.

The super-talented Tiktok star has released two singles: Kid in a Candy Store and boomerang. Her fans are known as ‘Swasinatorz.’ Jaya is much loved by her fans for her dance moves and garish head bows. 

In fact, she has her own line of bows known as “JoJo bows.” Her posts are suitable for view by people of all ages; thus, she easily qualifies to be part of the Tiktok for kids category.

Lucas and Martin’s Dobre Mofid (@dobretwins)

Lucas and Marcus are not only an American dancing duo-but also one of Tiktok’s biggest names.

They post a variety of moderate content ranging from vlogs to gymnastics, as well as comedy skits, challenges, and even gymnastics. 

In partnership with their other siblings, Darius and Cyrus, the Dobre twins created a very popular YouTube channel called “Dobre brothers.” They often engage their followers with gymnastic stunts and challenges.

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Arishfakan (@_arishfakhan_)

Arisha Khan is a popular Indian actress whose acting career began from her role as a child actor on popular TV series.

On YouTube, she mostly posts Dubsmach clips and dance videos. Her content and followership are similarly interesting and impressive.

She also has a tremendous number of Tiktok followers who appreciate her remarkable acting skills and innocent appearances.

She has won the heart of a multitude of followers through her entertaining lip-sync videos and dance stunts. She aspires to become a mainstream actress in Bollywood.

Rolf Jacob (@jacobsartorius)

Jacob Sartorius is an American musician and social media influencer. His rise to fame goes back to the shortlisting of his single titled “Sweatshirt” on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

He has been a household name, thanks to viral videos of him on vine and Tiktok. The number of passionate followers the young artist has is so tremendous that it was described as the next Justin Bieber by the business Insider.

Notable among his online trends is his anti-bullying activism. Having opened up about his being a victim of bullying in the past, he uses Tiktok and his accounts on other social networks to oppose the act of bullying.

Top 10 Best Handles on TikTok for Kids 16Deacon Phillipe

Deacon Phillipe is Resse Witherspoon’s son, and he’s always magical about his effort to teach her how to Tiktok.

The mother-child duo is often unable to hold back laughter during their lessons, and this usually makes epic footage.

Deacon is pretty much part of the Tiktok for kids league even though he mainly features in his mom’s TikTok account and is not allowed to have a public account yet.

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